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Phil made it rain outside he turned the tap on and off and he painted the sky black for night time for day light he turned his lamp on for sun he got a yellow filter to put it over his lamp.

For raining hard outside Phil turned the tap on full for hot he turned his gas fire on full belt and for warm he turned his heater on for cold he turned his freezer door open for windy it his wind mechanics on full blast.

I didn't know Phil can hold sparklers in his hand mind don't burn himself i bet he would laugh and wet himself pool of water for you to mop the floor with his hair.


Then he drying his hair on the massive hairdryer on the plane.

Phil saw the bonfire and then begin to draw it on the white sheet of paper then he painted everything that you can imagine he stand it up on the ground for the flames Phil went for his heater put it on full belt

to make it very hot for the smoke he shine the to powerful lamp what he took from the studio he put the lamp on with the yellow sheet of paper which he painted with his thick paint brush he stuck the paper with blu tack top to bottom side to side the put the lamp Infront of the bonfire what he his made with his hands for the smoke he got his wind machine on to make it look like flames and then Phil went to the shops in his car Brum, Brum Brum of he went and he got parked his car on the car park he turned to key to right he opened his door to get out closed the door after him he locked it to the left then walked ti the shops where David Robson serving him and the David Robson begin saying what can I do for you eh, Phil and Phil said to David Robson I want to buy a CD for the bangers with his money he got back to him car turned his key to the left to start his engine went Brum brum Brum of he goes to his house he got out open his front door put the key into the lock to open the door he got the CD player put the CD in press play wired his CD player at the back of the amplifier with his speakers on every lamp post and turned the volume up very very loud that is how Phil makes the fireworks sound effects The end written by Darren Lee Bates for Music FM.

David Robson said to Phil what are you doing Phil said to David Robson i put the snow clue all over himself David Robson eww you are all sticky and Phil has got David Robson sprinkle baking flour over Phil and he turned to be a snowman with a scarf around his neck written by Darren Lee Bates for Music FM


He's a sound effect growing legs


I just opened the front door and it was the sound effect Phil laughing at me i said why are you laughing at me for Phil said im laughing at you cause you're so funny he was laughing so much he turned himself into pool of water


I didn't know Phil can turned himself into pool of water

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