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I say to Nicola and Emma about doing Bolton Sound FM with me.


I say to Nicola and Emma.


I want Nicola and Emma every Thursday morning and every Friday afternoon then I will be very happy with my girls or Darren's angels.


I say to Nicola and Emma it's ok by my dad if you and Emma can text me on WhatsApp 07771545157 do you agree and will you and Emma put your name down then I will know who it's from this is between me and my girls.


I made a jingles for you and Emma my girls.


I been in a relationship before 1 she got married behind my back 2 she keep playing video games instead of being in a relationship with me.


I want Nicola to be my girlfriend and I want to be her boyfriend and Emma as my sister.


Cam I have a new relationship with you then I will be very happy.

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